Payroll Outsourcing

We take care of your payroll compliance obligations such as the Provident Fund (PF), Employee State Insurance (ESI), and Professional Tax (PT).

Benefits for Outsourcing Payroll: -

We’ll pay your people accurately and on time, taking the stress out of time-consuming and often confusing processes. We also keep you up to date and compliant with ever-changing legislation in India and other markets – pretty much wherever your business is run.

  • Get real-time access to your payroll online
  • Online / digital mode of end of year processing
  • Have payroll taxes calculated for you

Payroll outsourcing with HR Consultancy Hub means you don’t have to worry about finding staff with the right payroll expertise if you don’t have a payroll department. And your staff can rest assured about the everyday problems of payroll and changing legislation.

How the HR Consultancy Hub payroll outsourcing process works

Your employees’ information is transferred to HR Consultancy Hub as your payroll outsourcing provider, including information such as hire dates, job titles and pay rates. HR Consultancy Hub then calculates each employee’s pay, accurately and on time, on your behalf. We also calculate your payroll taxes and issue annual or monthly reports on all transactions, giving you meaningful data that can help you improve productivity and drive your business forward.